Community Centres in Plymouth

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Tamar View Community Centre
Miers Close, Plymouth, PL5 1DJ

01752 365904

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Hilltop Community Centre
Cunningham Road, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, PL5 4PU

01752 772470

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Woolwell Community & Resource Centre
Darklake Lane, Plymouth, PL6 7TR

01752 695888

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Honicknowle Youth & Community Centre
Honicknowle Green, Plymouth, PL5 3PX

01752 705297

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Colebrook Community Centre
Newnham Road, Plymouth, PL7 4AN

01752 345423

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Kings Tamerton Community Centre
Roman Road, Plymouth, PL5 2BH

01752 368442

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Tothill Community Centre
Knighton Road, Plymouth, PL4 9DA

01752 665919

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North Prospect Community Learning
Engage Building, Plymouth, PL2 3BG

01752 551862

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Onward Community Centre
The Community Centre, 55 Greenbank Road, Plymouth, PL4 8PE

01752 662533

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Elm Community Centre
Leypark Walk, Plymouth, PL6 8UE

01752 301015

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Plymstock Community Centre
Community Centre, Plymouth, PL9 7AW

01752 403312

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Hillcrest Community Office
Hillcrest Close, Plymouth, PL7 2ET

01752 343225

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Smile Community Project
37 Albert Road, Plymouth, PL2 1AB

01752 606004

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Morley Youth & Community Centre
Broadland Gardens, Plymouth, PL9 8TU

01752 404370

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Woodland Fort Community Centre
Crownhill Road, Plymouth, PL5 3SQ

01752 703180

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Southway Community Centre
Southway Youth Centre, Hendwell Close, Plymouth, PL6 6TB

01752 775969

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North Prospect Community Learning Ltd
Foliot Road, Plymouth, PL2 2JS

01752 551862

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Barne Barton Community Action Trust Ltd
16 Miers Close, Plymouth, PL5 1DJ

01752 516080

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Neighbourhood Office
35 Armada Street, Plymouth, PL4 8LZ

01752 290015

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The Oasis Project
28 Manor Street, Plymouth, PL1 1TW

01752 254981

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