Disability Services in Birmingham

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Disability Resource Centre
Unit 18, Ace Business Park, Mackadown Lane, Birmingham, B33 0LD

03030 402040

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Dial Solihull Disability Information & Advice Line
67 The Parade, Kingshurst, Birmingham, B37 6BB

01217 700333

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Adult Mental Health Social Services
10 Woodcock Street, Birmingham, B7 4BL

01213 035188

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Platinum Care Services
24 Raymond Avenue, Birmingham, B42 1LX

01213 570667

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Excel Support Services
Evans Easyspace Business Centre, 151 Middlemore Road, Birmingham, B21 0BN

02031 953550

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Platinum Care
24 Raymond Avenue, Birmingham, B42 1LX

07891 660295

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Elizabeth Fitzroy
225 Coleshill Road, Birmingham, B36 8AE

01217 766843

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Lap Consulting
77 Holyhead Road, Birmingham, B21 0LG

01215 724043

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Creative Support Ltd
64 Water Street, Birmingham, B3 1HN

01212 003147

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Community Options
Lifford House, 45 Fordhouse Lane, Birmingham, B30 3BN

01214 647977

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The Sensory Support Service
Vauxhall Gardens, Barrack Street, Birmingham, B7 4HA

01213 031790

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Thompson Solicitors, The McLaren Buildin, 46 The Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7LF

07745 525698

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Accessible Transport Group
Unit 21, Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham, B37 7HE

01217 829315

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Mackadown Day Centre
221 Mackadown Lane, Birmingham, B33 0NL

01217 700123

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Share Friends
C I B A Building, 146 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 9NX

01213 030480

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Arbor Way
78a Arbor Way, Birmingham, B37 7LD

01217 881937

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Solihull Action Through Advocacy
11-13 Land Lane, Birmingham, B37 7DE

01217 064696

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Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Birmingham, B15 2SQ

01214 156960

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Pooleview Support Services
71 Poole Crescent, Walsall, WS8 7LY

01543 374140

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Individual Support Solutions
Church Street, Nuneaton, CV11 4DS

02476 349561

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