Here are some happy customers with nice things to say about 118 118.

Mark Makowski - Pronto Locks Ltd.

Thank you for renewing my order today with 118 118. I am pleased to re-book for next year and was happy with the response and the Sales service I received.

David Wallace - Berkshire Doors

I would like to thank you for the professional way you have managed the setting up of my 118 account.

Phil Lyons - B&C Security Services LLP

Thank you very much for meeting me today to discuss the renewal of my advertising. I was very pleased with the way you showed me how the new advertising would work. There was no hard sell, just an honest way of how your company can help mine. I am very hopeful that the new set up for the coming year will be even better for my company. I am taking on a bigger area than before and who knows maybe next year I can increase it again.


Charlie Ball - Mr Ping Restaurant

118 118 has achieved great results with our advertising. It has been one of the most cost effective and successful advertising campaigns we have ever participated in.

Mrs Sue Hodges - Access Security Ltd

We write with regard to our meeting earlier today. We are happy to add to our previous order with you and look forward to carrying out further business with you in the future.

Mr N. Ahmed - NW Cars

I was one of the first taxi companies to join 118118 in 2007 with their new service.

I can genuinely say that it has benefited my business a huge amount. The number of people who call 118118 when they need a taxi is unreal and I am pleased that 118118 recommend NW Cars for my area. It has worked for us.

Having a dedicated Renewal Manager adds value to the advertising and knowing that I have someone to call with any query and even more so that the Renewal Manager will contact me quarterly to check my account is just brilliant as I do not have the time with my business.

I advertise with other directories and I feel that 118118 is the best value for money.

Thank you 118118 for the customers and thanks to the renewal manager for explaining everything to me.


Gareth Sweet - MD Rays Florist & Hants

I wish to congratulate 118 118 on achieving some great results in regard to our current advertising. It certainly has been the most effective advertising that we have bought in the last few years.

Caz and the Team - BB Car

Thanks for all your help with our 118118 campaign, it's great and works well. We get all our calls from having this service. We wouldn't be without it.

Clare Walker - Hawkins Russell Jones Solicitors

Having reviewed the results obtained in the last year and in light of the new innovations which are on offer to us, I have renewed our order for a further 12 months. I am grateful to you for your indication that you will provide us with quarterly updates on the progress of the service and believe that this will enable me to track more closely the benefits which we are deriving.

Thank you for your time and I hope that this is the start of a mutually beneficial working relationship.