About us

Every month, 118 118 connects millions of people to the information and services they need. Day and night, our helpful and courteous staff are on hand to deliver crucial information to our customers as quickly and as accurately as possible.

We offer a variety of ways for our customers to get the answers they need. As well as calling us, customers can text questions to 118 118, use our free online directory at www.118118.com, and take advantage of our apps to connect in the way that is most convenient for them.

We also offer a range of additional services including train times, cinema listings, category enquiries and responses to virtually any answerable question. Added benefits include unlimited requests for numbers, as well as texts for mobile customers.

Our expertise and reach is truly international. 118 118 has sister services in France (118 218), Switzerland (1818), Ireland (11850), and Austria (118 811) making our family the most popular and largest provider of Directory Assistance services in Europe.

As a subsidiary of kgb, the company is part of the largest independent directory assistance supplier in the world and consistently ranks among the best in the industry on all aspects of customer service.

We look forward to serving you.

Nik Hole, CEO

Where We Are


Marketing, Commercial Team (118 118 and kgbdeals.co.uk)

For 118 118 Customer Care please call 0800 3891 118

Telephone: 0870 233 1000 Fax: 0870 233 2200 Email: londonoffice@118118.com Address: 3rd Floor Whitfield Court 30-32 Whitfield Street London W1T 2RG


The entrance to our office is on Whitfield Street next to Tesco Metro.

The nearest tube station is Goodge Street (Northern Line).

There are several other stations within an easy walk, the closest of which are

  • Tottenham Court Road (Northern Line and Central Line - 5 minutes walk)
  • Warren Street (Northern Line and Victoria Line - 5 minutes walk)
  • Euston Square (Circle Line, Metropolitan Line and Hammersmith & City Line – 5-10 minutes walk)

All major London stations have tube links to nearby stations.

  • Paddington - Circle Line or Hammersmith & City Line to Euston Square
  • Victoria - Victoria Line to Warren Street
  • Euston - Northern Line or walk

Click here to see a map online (or click here to see the entrance on the street).


Telephone: 029 2054 8000 Fax: 029 2054 8030 Email: cardiffreception@118118.com Address: Fusion Point Dumballs Road Tresillian Terrace Cardiff CF10 5DA

Customer Care

Contact the number below or email us if you have any queries about 118 118 directory enquiries.

Telephone: 0800 3891 118 Fax: 029 2054 8007 Email: customer.care@118118.com

Directions by car on M4

At junction 33, take the A4232 exit to Airport/Penarth/Barry/Cardiff West. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto A4232 heading to Cardiff West/Barry/Airport/Penarth. After approx 6 miles, take the B4267 exit. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Hadfield Rd. After 0.9 miles, turn left onto Penarth Rd/A4160. After 1 mile, turn right onto Tresillian Terrace. Continue onto Dumballs Rd and 118 118 TNUK building is on the left.

Directions by train

From London Paddington to Cardiff Central Station - Exit the station at the rear entrance and head towards to the Lloyds Banking Group building (approx 3 minutes walk). Tresillian Terrace runs down alongside the Lloyds building and you’ll find 118 118 TNUK on the left hand side (approx. 2 minutes walk).

Phone Directory

Find out about our Telephone Directory. Information from our UK Business and Residential Listings at www.118118.com

118118.com is part of a directory business with a difference ... we don't print telephone directories. Aside from saving forests of trees, this means that we offer instant access to up to date information. This commitment has made us the largest provider of branded directory assistance services in Europe and the largest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the United States.

We have expanded our service offerings beyond traditional telephone directories, to include enhanced information and help services, such as call completion, movie listings and train schedules. We answer literally hundreds of millions of calls each year from callers in the UK, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and US.

Today people prefer using the Internet and directory enquiries services, because phone books are always out of date and do not contain the many more numbers listed in the dynamic electronic systems of 118118.com and 118 118. Plus, a telephone directory is only specific to a region while people's friends and family are increasingly dispersed across the country.

Today's lifestyle means we're all on the move, and living at a faster pace. We all need information like telephone numbers at our fingertips.

The value for money when using 118118.com (free) and 118 118 (pay per call) is a great fit in people's busy lives. It's made us Britain's most memorable number, to the extent that when people see 118, they think 118 118.

But right now you are on 118118.com - so why not bookmark it?


We welcome enquiries from journalists. Please contact our press office by emailing press.office@118118.com

The Number UK Ltd
3rd Floor
Whitfield Court
30-32 Whitfield Street

Our Products

118 118 At Your Service

When it comes to finding numbers, we're the professionals. But that's not all we can do for you. We can find as many numbers as you need in one call and we'll put you straight through if you don't have a pen. We can even tell you what films are on at your local cinema and give you show times. We can tell you what time your next train leaves or help you with driving directions for a road trip.

In summary, we can:

  • Search for all the numbers you ask for in one call
  • Find you the business you want and tell you how close it is to where you are
  • Expertly search for business numbers or addresses even if you only have a small amount of information
  • Put you straight through to the number you want
  • Tell you what's on and locate your cinema, give you the times and even tell you who's in each movie
  • Give you departure and arrival times from the national train timetable Tell you the nearest train or tube station to your destination
  • Give you directions over the phone to wherever you need to go

And if you call us from a mobile, we'll always text you the numbers you need and for free, so you don't have the usual scramble for a pen and paper!

118 118 now offers a simple alert service when we connect you, to help you know how long you’ve been on the call.

After 10 minutes of being connected to your chosen number you will hear a short beep, repeated every 10 minutes until your call has ended. This will only be heard by you and not by the person that you have called. The service is automated and is part of our policy to help you manage the cost of your call.

It's no wonder we're the most called number in the UK every day.

What Does it Cost to Use 118 118?

Calls to 118 118 cost £1.88 per call plus £2.57 per minute, (minimum 60 second charge) from most landlines. This is how BT charges for landlines, but there may be differences in how other networks charge.

If you are using a mobile phone to call 118 118, you will find that the charges will be different, and often cost more.

This is because each mobile operator (and some smaller landline operators) apply an additional handling charge to some elements of the call which will change what you pay.

118 118 does not control how and when these surcharges are applied, nor do we profit from them.

To help you find out accurately what your operator will charge you, select the link of your relevant operator below:

Note that we always send mobile callers a text of the number you have requested. So if you choose not to be put straight through, you can easily connect via the texted message. This could save you money, because the minute by minute charge applied by mobile operators is usually much higher than our own per minute rate of £2.57.

What’s happening from the 1st July 2015?

From the 1st July, Ofcom, the UK Telecoms Regulator, is changing the way that pricing works for numbers beginning 118, 084, 087 and 09. The aim is to make it easier for you to understand how much you’re paying for each call by splitting the retail price into two parts.

A Service Charge – This is set by the company which operates the number you are calling, like us at 118 118.

An Access Charge – This is set by your telephone network company and will be a charge per minute.

By adding together the service charge and the access charge, you’ll know exactly how much your call has cost you.

At 118 118, we will be adopting this new system in July in accordance with Ofcom’s plans and check out our website nearer the time for more information about the service and access charges that will apply to our 118 numbers from 1st July.

If you’d like to know any more information, Ofcom have a great website called www.ukcalling.info which has all the information you need to know.

Now You Can Text Us

That's right, you can use a text message to ask us all the usual things, be it cinema listings, train times or simply to find out that number. But now you can also ask us about sports scores, weather updates or even film trivia.

  • Need the score for the big game?
  • Want to know this week's lottery results?
  • Maybe you just need help on the pub quiz?
  • It could be you are somewhere you can't talk, your signal is intermittent or you simply have a low battery?
  • Want a price comparison on the latest LCD TV?

Text your question directly to us, you already know the number, its 118 118. We will text you back. Answers from 118 118 cost £3, standard network charges apply. Charges for texting other codes vary – please contact us at the email address below for further information.

When you are next out of the country and need information fast, you know who to turn to...text 118118. Whether you need a taxi in Paris, a hotel in Milan or a hairdresser in New York, we can help you even when you're not in the UK!

118 661 - International Directory Enquiries

118 661 is the number to call if you need a number abroad, we have access to numbers in most countries and can even connect you to the number you're looking for.

Calls to 118 661 cost £1.88 per call plus £2.57 per minute (minimum 60 sec charge) from BT landlines. Costs from other networks may vary. Calls include VAT

118 888 - Directory Enquiries

118 888 is our other directory enquiries service which allows you to be put through to your requested number and receive it via a free text.

Calls to 118 888 cost £1.88 per call plus £2.57 per minute (minimum 60 sec charge) from BT landlines. Costs from other networks may vary. Calls include VAT. Our enhanced services are not available on this number.

118 811 - Our Other Little Number

118 811 is a simplified and low cost version of our directory service.

One search = one fixed fee

Calls to 118 811 cost £1 per call (incl. VAT) from most landlines. Costs from other networks may vary. Our enhanced services are not available on this number.

118 848 - Basic Directory Enquiries

118 848 is a basic directory service with no call connection and no text service.

Calls to 118 848 cost £2 per minute (inc VAT) from most landlines. A minimum 60 second charge applies. Costs from other networks may vary. Our enhanced services are not available on this number.

Search 118118.COM

The 118 118 service is also available on the web at www.118118.com

On our website you can search for businesses and people, find what's on and when at the cinema and find train times at www.118.com Searches are free and there is no limit to the number of searches you can make.

0800 118 Free

We are the only UK 118 provider to offer a wholly free telephone directory service for callers from all major fixed networks.

0800 118 Free / 0800 118 3733 (No charge)*
* terms and conditions apply

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of service we offer and the type of information we make available to our customers. If you have any feedback or ideas about the information you would like from us, contact us at productmarketing@118118.com

Customer Care

We would like you to find your dealings with 118 118 positive and enjoyable. We are committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of service in our power. If you have any concerns with our web, telephone or text services please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Care department

  • Telephone: 0800 3891 118
  • Fax: 029 2054 8007
  • Email: customer.care@118118.com

We are open Monday to Friday between 9am to 9pm and have an answerphone available for evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.